Good Parenting – Share a Hobby with Your Child – Football Card and Baseball Card Collecting


Good parenting involves consistent care, supervision, and education. A good parent will also show an interest in the child’s sports and hobby activities. Sports card collecting is a great hobby for a parent to spend time with a child and interact with a child. Like any other hobby, there is a great deal to learn in sports card collecting. Some read a book or an article or two to get an education in a hobby. Others seek out experts in the field for advice and collecting. In Jacksonville, Florida, Dick and Jane’s Sportscards is a great family owned business. The store is located at 1819 Dean Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32216 (904) 725-2316 – Whether you are a first time collector or an experienced collector of football cards, baseball cards, or basketball cards, places like Dick and Janes are great locations to share a hobby with your child and to spend quality time pursuing a fun hobby like sports card collecting.