Good Advice for Parents: At What Age Should My Child Have a Sleepover? A Mobile Phone? Date? Do Chores?


When parenting children, there are different styles and philosophies that depend both on the parent and the child. Some parents are quite strict while others are overly permissive. Striking the right balance is key to the upbringing of a healthy and well adjusted child . . . well, that is just my opinion. An article was recently posted with the title Proper Ages for Childhood Milestones: Sleepovers, Chores, Dates . . . Letting Kids Grow Up, Step by Step. Two pediatricians were interviewed about various issues and questions that come up for most parents. This interview and article contains some good basic advice and guidelines for parents to use in making some difficult parental decisions as the child develops and ages over time. As parents, do your best to use good and consistent judgment and parenting for the child. Keep the child’s best interest and welfare in mind.