Golf Club Injury – Child Dies After Being Accidentally Hit by Another Child


Simple household and sporting equipment / objects can be deadly in certain circumstances. In Holly, Michigan, a 7 year old boy after he was accidentally hit by a friend with a child sized golf club. The children were playing in or near the garage the other boy’s father was doing yard work. The injured child was taken to Genesys Regional Medical Center in Grand Banc where the child died. See Blow to Head With Child-Sized Golf Club Kills Boy, 7, in Michigan.

I have a set of child golf clubs and bats in my garage. I do my best to supervise my children when they are playing baseball, whiffle ball and other sports. Teaching children to stay a safe distance away from a bat (even in a whiffle ball game) is important. Incidents like the one that happened in Holly, Michigan are tragedies but also teaching tools that the all parents and those who supervise children should pay close attention to in supervising and instructing children on safe play.

While a death of this nature is not an everyday event, injuries from common household objects and sporting equipment combined with the negligence of others (yes, that can include the negligence of another child and / or parent) do happen everyday. These type of injuries may warrant a claim against a homeowner’s insurance policy depending on the facts and circumstances. As a Florida child injury lawyer and parent, I am sensitive and quite aware of these type of incidents and all of the legal, moral, and practical issues that go along with these cases.

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