Girls Gone Wild . . . Women and Men Arrested in Yulee, Florida Nightclub


Girls Gone Wild is a brand founded by Joe Francis that videotapes young women at nightclubs and other locations. There is some nudity and physical contact shown in these videos. Many say that the films are pornographic and an exploitation of woman and young girls. Others, including Joe Francis, argue that it is merely free speech and free expression by consenting adults. Police in Yulee Florida did not agree with the viewpoint put forth by Joe Francis and his supporters. According to Fox News Orlando, an undercover sting operation revealed men encouraging women to show their breasts and women then exposing their breasts. Some even had their breasts painted. There were several arrests made for indecent exposure. There were also arrests for engaging in a sexual offense, resisting arrest and for disorderly intoxication. What some may see as a party – others may see as a crime.

While there were no reports of underage girls involved the Yulee, Florida incident,it is important that all nightclub owners including those running strip clubs check identification and if possible run background checks to make sure that they are not exhibiting minors in provocative dances or nudity. Children are often times exploited by unscrupulous business owners intent on making a buck no matter the consequences or long term affects on the child.