Girl Who Took Bullet for Mother Healing Slowly from Eye Injury

A Detroit, Michigan 7 year old is healing slowly from an eye injury after she was shot by her mother’s former boyfriend. Alexis Goodin and her mother were taken at gun point by her mother’s former boyfriend.


They were forced into the car and ordered to drive away with the former boyfriend. The boyfriend pointed a gun at the mother and Alexis took the bullet for her mother right in the eye. Alexis shouted, “Don’t hurt my mother” as she jumped into the back seat with her mother. Since the shooting, Alexis has undergone 6 surgeries and is undergoing therapy.

This incident shows the dangers of certain relationships. Tempers can flare and the problems escalate when firearms / guns are involved. An innocent child was injured as she was going to the aid and comfort of her mother. Girl Who Took Bullet for Mom Heals Slowly.

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