Girl Killed at Airport After Falling Off Luggage Rack at the Miami (Florida) International Airport: Florida Law and Child Safety


A Miami, Florida taxi driver who fatally hit girl at the Miami International Airport will not be charged with a traffic citation or a criminal violation according to news reports. A 6 year old fell off a luggage cart and into a commercial lane of traffic at the airport and then was hit by a taxi cab driver.

I have personally been to and in the Miami International Airport many times over the years. It is a very busy airport that has several lanes of travel and parking. Speed limits are reduced when traveling in areas with many pedestrians. I also believe that there are numerous video cameras posted in and around the airport that may have captured this unfortunate tragedy on video.

In Florida, the pursuit of a civil case or insurance claim is not dependent on the issuance of a traffic citation. In other words, Florida law does not put all of the power and judgment for fault for an accident in the hands or mind of the police officer or State Attorney for that matter. Each accident must be evaluated on its own facts or circumstances. It is often helpful to have the incident reviewed by a private investigator, accident reconstruction expert, and / or a private attorney especially when serious injuries or death result from the accident.

In this busy travel season, please slow down when driving through airports or any busy area. The health, safety and welfare of our children and other passengers are far more important than saving a few seconds or minutes on your trip. Slow down for children and be safe this holiday season and at all other times of the year.

This story was reported by the Miami Herald and Associated Press at Taxi Cab Driver Who Fatally Hit Girl at Airport Will Not Be Charged for the Accident.