Girl (Age 1) Dies in Miramar Florida – Left in Hot Car During Church Service


In Miramar, Florida, the Associated Press and The Miami Herald recently reported that a 1 year old girl (Kimberly James) died after being left in a vehicle during a church service. It is October but it is still quite hot in the State of Florida. It should also be pointed out that the heat factor in a vehicle is typically higher than it is outside. It was reported that the child was left in the vehicle for 3 hours. An autopsy will probably be performed in a case like this. It appears that the child died of hyperthermia unless the medical examiner / pathologist finds another cause of death of this child.

The death of this child is quite a tragedy for the family, church, and the community. It is yet another reminder to parents, babysitters, child-care providers, day care centers, and schools to make sure that all children are removed from a vehicle once it is parked. For more details on this case, see Girl, 1, Died After Being Left in Hot Car in Miramar, Florida. For a similar story, See Miami Dade Florida 3 Year Old Boy – Left in SUV – Dies (Dangers of Hot Cars to Small Children).

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