Gilchrist County 3 Year Old Boy Suffers Serious Personal Injuries from Pit Bull Dog Attack


In Florida and other States, the family pet or dog often time causes serious personal injuries to children. Some family pets are indoor / outdoor dogs and are family members. It should still be noted that they are still animals. As such, dogs can bite even if they have not history of aggression or bites. Other dogs are outdoor / outside dogs. Some are allowed to roam around the property. Others are chained. Whatever the living arrangements for the dog, there is a danger to children when dogs are present. Some believe that certain breeds of dog are more dangerous than others. I believe the danger of a dog depends on the dogs breed, upbringing, living environment, and other factors. In Gilchrist County, Florida, a 3 year old suffered serious personal injuries when the boy was bitten by the family’s pit bull dog who was on a chain outside. The Gilchrist County Animal Control took possession of the animal and are investigating the incident. You can read more about this dog attack at Gilchrist County, Florida Boy in Critical Condition Following Pit Bull Attack.