Gainesville Teacher Who Had Loaded Guns at School Resigns


Mark Stockdale, age 43, resigned from his position with the Alachua County School District in Gainesville, Florida. Mr. Stockdale was on leave since February 2009 for bringing a loaded .22 caliber pistol / gun with him the classroom. The State Attorney reduced the charges from a third degree felony (possession of a firearm on school property) to a misdemeanor (carrying a concealed weapon).

There is a debate between gun rights supporters and child safety / educators as to the propriety and legality of teachers bringing guns to school. Some say that incidents like Columbine and Virginia Tech would not have occurred had teachers and students for that matter been armed themselves to take down the crazed and murderous gunmen. Others believe that guns should have no place on school grounds at all with the exception of allowing trained police officers have guns on school grounds.

You can read more about this story at Gainesville, Florida Teacher Who Brought Gun to School Resigns.

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