Gainesville, Florida – Police – Tougher Enforcement of Traffic Laws Pertaining to Drivers and Pedestrians


In Gainesville, Florida, police will be enforcing traffic laws pertaining to pedestrians and drivers pursuant to a campaign / mission to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents and incidents resulting in serious personal injuries. Police will now be more likely issuing citations and fines for failing to yield to pedestrians. Previously, police issued many warnings for such driving or jaywalking acts. Now, the enforcement will be beefed up in order to get the word out that failing to yield to pedestrians along with jaywalking are dangerous acts that can lead to serious personal injuries. Gainesville, Florida is home to the University of Florida. Streets and roads all over town are loaded with pedestrians. As such, Gainesville, Florida has its fair share of pedestrian / automobile accidents and related personal injuries. Hopefully, drivers and pedestrians will take notice of the enforcement program and change bad habits into safer ones. You can read more about this story at Gainesville Police to Ticket Jaywalkers and Driver’s Who Don’t Yield to Pedestrians.