Gainesville, Florida Elementary School Promotes Pedestrian Safety


Students from Duval Elementary School in Gainesville, Florida were educated about the importance of pedestrian safety at an annual event called Walk This Way. The purpose of the event was to teach the children about pedestrian safety and dangers on the roadways. Safe Kids of North Central Florida, part of a nationwide non-profit organization, reported that pedestrian injuries account for the second leading cause of intentionalinjury to children ages five to fourteen. Almost 600 children died as a result of pedestrian injuries in 2003. Injuries and deaths can be avoided by properly educating our children about pedestrian safety. Of course, adult and teenage drivers also need to be educated about pedestrian areas and crosswalks. Anytime there are children around – slow down. Children are unpredictable and do not always have the best judgment or experience with speed, distance, or the dangers of traffic. Duval Elementary Students – Important Lessons in Pedestrian Safety.