From Hero to Zero – Snake Trapper Staged Capture Near Day Care Center


Getting publicity can come back to bite you. In Bradenton, Florida, a snaker trapper claimed that he trapped a Python snake near a day care center. The fact of the matter is that Justin Matthews, supposed hero for protecting children and others from this snake, is actually, in my opinion, a zero. Mr. Matthew staged the event. State wildlife investigators determined that Mr. Matthews had concocted the story line of the his heroic capture. Mr. Matthews did not expect the story to get so much attention and press.

It would appear that Mr. Matthews staged the event to get publicity for his business and try to add some focused attention on his claimed expertise and skills in capturing snakes.

Mr. Matthews should not have staged the event or incident especially if it put any children or others at risk whatsover. What if someone got hurt during this stunt? What if the snake escaped while under Mr. Matthews’ watch? What about the emotional trauma or fear that the snake may have caused for children and others in the area of the faked or staged snake capture?

You can read more about this story at Snake Capture Was Staged Near Day Care Center in Bradenton, Florida.