Frequently Asked Questions About Firearms, Safety, Possession, and Children – Information Every Parent and Gun Owner Should Know


In Florida and the rest of the United States, there is a constitutional right to bear arms; however, the States have power to regulate and control the possession and ownership of guns when it comes to permits and safety around children. Some gun advocates may argue against these rules and regulations. If properly followed and enforced, Florida gun safety regulations can and do save lives. Unfortunately, guns frequently are accessible to young children with poor safety awareness. A gun is seen as more of a play thing than a weapon in the hands of a child. Whether the child pulls on the trigger or is just exploring or examining the gun, accidents do happen when children handle guns with no adult supervision. It is important for parents and gun owners to know the Florida laws regarding gun ownership, possession, and storage. The Sheriff of Fort Myers has a good reference for parents and gun owners to review. See Frequently Asked Questions About Gun Ownership and Possession.

Accidental shootings take place when there is carelessness and a lack of safety precautions in place. Children, teens, young adults, and adults alike can act in a careless manner. The recent death of Ashley Cowie illustrates the dangers of guns in the hands of young adults who do not follow safety precautions. Ashley died when a Florida State University Student was showing his gun to friends at a fraternity house. See
Ashley Cowie Dies from Accidental Shooting in Tallahassee – Dangers of Firearms and Importance of Safety Precautions.

Bringing a gun out at a college party where there is frequently the consumption of alcohol is just a bad and dangerous act. Furthermore, guns are not toys or show pieces to be displayed or exhibited at a whim. Guns should be safety locked up and only taken out for cleaning and / or use under a controlled and safe environment.

When there is an accidental shooting, a claim may be pursued under a homeowner’s policy of the gun owner or the gun owner’s family home. In addition, claims can be pursued against general liability policies of businesses and / or organizations. Some insurance policies may have a gun liability exclusion. Because of the intricacies of civil cases, insurance claims, and insurance policies, it is helpful to have a Florida Child Injury Lawyer review the facts and documents to determine the appropriate course of action when a person is injured or dies as a result of the negligence gun shooting incident.

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