Four Year Old Wanders Out of Orange City, Florida Day Care Center


In Orange City, Florida, a 4 year old girl wandered out of a day care center near a busy highway. This incident could have had a tragic ending if the child suffered serious personal injuries or wrongful death. Fortunately, the child wandered near a safe place – another day care facility. The little girl was quite upset when she was discovered near the other day care center. Kids Learn and Play is located in Orange City, Florida. Some how, the 4 year old was wandered out the door and near a busy street. The child was missing for 13 minutes before the owner called for help. The story was covered by Fox 35 Television News (Orlando) and a video can be viewed about this story.

One of the basic responsibilities of a Florida day care center is to properly supervise children. It is vital that day care centers secure the facility and playground so that curious children, who do not by their age and immaturity lack the ability to recognize dangers like traffic, are not injured or harmed.

Parents, who have their children in day care centers, should inspect the facility and ask staff what measures are put in place to supervise the children and prevent the children from wandering away from the facility.