Foster Child Sexual Abuse – Lawsuit Filed Sarasota Regarding Allegations of Abuse to North Port Child


The mother a former foster child has filed a law suit against the state and other child care providers who she believes is responsible for the alleged sexual abuse committed against her son. The lawsuit, filed in April 2011, accuses the Department of Children and Families and other local child care providers for allowing the abuse and failing to provide mental health treatment for the then 10-year-old boy of North Port, Florida, until he attempted suicide twice. The lawsuit also describes how the boy was moved to 11 different foster homes in an 18-month period. The boy, now 13-years-old, has been reunited with his mother since 2008. Among the various defendants are the Sarasota, Florida, YMCA and the local contractor for foster care services. For more read Mother files lawsuit alleging son was sexually abused while in state of Florida’s care.

Not only do day care owners, providers or other child care employees have an affirmative duty to report any suspicions or allegations of child sex abuse, but doing so will get local law enforcement involved and stop any further acts abuse.

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