Fort Myers, Florida Police Investigating Child Abuse Case – Shaken Baby Syndrome


The Fort Myers Florida Police Department is investigating a case of suspected child abuse. An 8 month old boy was taken to All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. Doctors believe that the child may have been a victim of “Shaken Baby Syndrome”. The child was under the care at of Shajan Cadney, age 28, who was later arrested. The news report did not contain much information. It would be interesting and important to know the following:

Who was the mother of the child?

Who was taking care of the child?

Had there been any prior injuries or medical care provided to the child?

Does the mother have any children? Did any of these other children have similar medical issues?

As to the brain injuries from the Shaken Baby Syndrome, when did the injuries occur according to medical providers?

Are there any other suspects who may be responsible for the injuries suffered by this child?

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