Fort Myers, Florida – Drunk Driver of Swamp Buggy (Glen Maxey) Allegedly Injures Child


Glen Maxey of Fort Myers, Florida was arrested for drunk driving by deputies when Maxey’s ex-wife reported that she had witnessed him put one of their children on his lap while driving his swamp buggy earlier in the day. She said that he was driving erratically and one of the children fell out, badly bruising his back and causing him to vomit. Maxey admitted to having a hard day and drinking a few beers before driving the children around in the swamp buggy.

Accidents caused by drunk driving are so easily preventable. It is very frustrating to DUI related automobile accidents and related injuries making news headlines day after day. Alcohol impairs not only a person’s motor skills, but also his judgment – which leads many people to believe they are “OK to drive” even when they are putting the lives of their own children, not to mention other drivers, on the line.

To date, Maxey has only been charged with drunk driving, but child endangerment or child abuse charges may be forthcoming. You can read more about this Fort Myers, Florida child injury case at Child injured in alleged DUI, swamp buggy incident.