Fort Lauderdale High School Girl Shot Dead by Another Student in Crowded Hallway – Dangers of Guns, Students and Schools


Dillard High School, in Fort Lauderdale (Broward County) Florida was the site of a wrongful death (murder) as one student (Teah Wimberly) shot another student (Amanda Collette – Age 15) in the crowded hallway of the school. The Fort Lauderdale Police Department responded to the scene and arrested Teah Wimberly and charged her with first degree murder. Teah Wimberly called police from Capatain Crab’s Take Away. Several students witnessed the incident and could have been shot as well since the shooting took place in a crowded hall way. While police have the suspect in custody who clearly shot the other student, there are several questions and issues to investigate by the school system, police, and the state attorney’s office. Were there prior threats by Teah Wimberly? What kind of student was Teah Wimberly? What were the issues between Teah Wimberly and Amanda Collette? How did Teah Wimberly bring the gun into the school? Were there prior shootings in the school? What precautions were taken to help prevent violence in the school? You can read more about this tragedy at Florida High School Student Shot in Crowded Hallway at Dillard High School.

It would be very important to know who owned the gun and how this 15 year old (Teah Wimberly) got her hands on the gun to commit the heinous and terrible act of murdering another child.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over 5000 young people ages between 10 and 24 were murdered. Over 80 % of the victims were murdered by a firearm. You can read more about the Center for Disease Control and Prevention studies and analysis of violent crimes and firearms at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Web Site.