Fort Lauderdale (Broward County) High School Staff May Have Been Informed about Gun Prior to Shooting


Officials and investigators with the Broward County, Florida School District are investigating the death of Amanda Collette who was murdered by a fellow student, Teah Wimberly. News reports indicate that another student may have told school officials about the presence of the gun on school property prior to the shooting, according to the Orlando Sentinel newspaper. School officials in Florida and other States have a duty to provide a reasonably safe environment for the students and to prevent personal child injuries and harm to students. If a gun or other weapon is reported to be present on school property, school officials should take such information very seriously to check into the truthfulness of the statement and to remove the weapon and the possessing student from the school in an expedited manner. Of course, guns and knives have no place in the public or private school system in Florida or any other State. If the school was informed of the presence of the gun on school property, the Broward County School District may be liable for negligence in failing to take affirmative action to protect Amanda Collette and other students within the school system. While there are certain legal protections for government entities like school boards, the Broward County School District can still be sued if the actions or inactions of its employees led to personal injuries or death of a student. You can read more about the developments in this investigation at Student May Have Informed Dillard High School Officials About Gun.