Former Winter Park, Florida Band Teacher Admitted to Sending Inappropriate Texts to Student – Band Teacher Resigns


Text messages can also get you in trouble. In Winter Park, Florida, a former band teacher admitted that he sent inappropriate text messages to a student. Joel Moody, age 31, sent sexually suggestive text messages to the student. While it was reported that the student was 18 years old which is the age of majority or adulthood in Florida, the band teacher was in a position of trust and responsibility and should not have sent out these suggestive and inappropriate text messages. Band teachers and other educators have a duty to teach our children not to send out inappropriate text messages. Furthermore, text messaging and friendships between teacher and student often times lead to sexual contact and inappropriate and illegal relationships. Teachers should know the boundaries and should avoid committing any acts that are inappropriate or even have the appearance of impropriety. You can read more this story at Winter Park Band Director Admits to Sending Out Inappropriate Text Messages.