Former Teacher of the Year Pleads Guilty to Receiving Child Pornography


Robert Sewell Barth once had the honor of being named the Teacher of the Year for Cheney Elementary School. He now will have the distinction of being a convicted felon for his pleading guilty to receipt of child pornography. Investigators previously found 1100 photographic images and 25 videos of child pornography on Barth’s computer. This is quite a frightening discovery in light of the fact that Barth was teacher children in the Orange County (Florida) School District. Barth also served as a foster parent for children. Mr. Barth faces a prison term for these crimes that has yet to be determined. From Teacher of the Year to just another deviant was quite a fall from grace for this teacher. Unfortunately, there are many others like Mr. Barth out in the community who are downloading and receiving child pornography. Even scarier is the thought of more teachers like Mr. Barth in the school system. You can read more about this story at Ex Teacher of the Year Pleads Guilty to Receiving Child Pornography.