Former Tampa Preparatory Coach – Case of Video Voyerurism


Kimberly Brabson III, a former girls’ swim coach at Tampa Preparatory School was sentenced to 5 years incarceration followed by 5 years of probation after Brabson pled guilty to secretly videotaping team members as they changed into swimsuits. State prosecutors said the videotape had more than 21 incidents occurring between January and September 2005 of 19 females in various stages of undress. Hillsborough Circuit Judge Chet A. Tharpe, who sentenced Brabson, ordered the tapes destroyed.

Brabson pleaded guilty to 10 counts of misdemeanor voyeurism. In exchange for Brabson’s guilty plea, the state dropped dropped 19 felony counts of promoting a sexual performance by a child. Although Brabson’s conduct is disturbing and immoral, prosecutors say the videotaping did not meet the legal requirements of the felony charge. Most of the victims and families impacted by these horrible acts were pleased with Brabson’s sentence. Some were pleased just because they were tired and ready to end the 4-year lawsuit while others were happy for the case to end so their lawsuits against the school could be further pursued. If you would like to read more on this story please see Former Tampa Preparatory School swim coach sentenced after pleading guilty to voyeurism.

Brabson’s tapes were discovered after two students made complaints to school officials. Brabson was suspended and school officials contacted local police. It is important for victims to come forward and tell someone about the abuse they have suffered. Also, if you suspect someone is abusing others, you should contact local authorities and report the abuse immediately.

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