Former Polk County Florida Principal (John Stelmack) Found Guilty on Child Pornography Charges


The former principal of a Central Florida (Polk County) elementary school has been found guilty of possessing child pornography. Investigators had found images of students superimposed on the picture / photograph of a nude woman in a briefcase in a locked closet in John Stelmack’s office at Scott Lake Elementary School. Stelmack’s attorney argued at the criminal trial that the images did not constitute child pornography and may have been placed in the briefcase / office by another person. The jury apparently did not buy the “hey these are not mine” argument and entered a verdict of guilty. Stelmack and his attorney will have a right to appeal / challenge the conviction. If the allegations are true, it is disturbing to know that a principal had these kind of materials in his office and, furthermore, in his mind. You can read more about this story at Former Florida Elementary School Principal Convicted on Child Pornography Charges.