Former Middle School Teacher Pleads Guilty to Having Sex with Teenage Students


In Tampa, Florida, a former middle school teacher (Stephanie Ragusa) pleaded guilty to having sex with teenager students. She pleaded guilty to the criminal charges of lewd and lascivious battery and having unlawful sex with a minor. Teachers should serve as mentors for our children in the school system. Teachers (male or female) should not be dating or having sex with students. It is amazing that teachers, who have a college education and life experience, would be so callous to have sex with students. In this case, there was evidence in the form of recorded conversations, gifts, and love letters. Ms. Ragusa even named one of the teens as the executor of her will. It appears that Ms. Ragusa pleaded guilty for good reason. The evidence as reported by CNN seemed to be quite strong. You can read more about this story at Former Florida Middle School Teacher Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges of Having Sex with Underage Teens.