Former Jacksonville Jaguar and Wife Ordered to Pay $1.2 Million in Damages to One-time Foster Child

gavel%20brown.jpgFormer Jacksonville Jaguar, Richard Tylski, and his wife, Jane Tylski, have lost a civil suit filed on behalf of their former foster daughter, Janie. A Florida Judge has ordered the couple to pay $1.2 million in damages to the now ten year old girl, for injuries she suffered at the hands of her foster parents. The Tylskis have denied injuring or abusing Janie.

The civil lawsuit was filed on behalf of the girl by an attorney ad litem, who sought damages in order to help Janie pay for future medical needs and counseling stemming from the abuse. The judge in the case determined that Janie had been abused by the Tylskis for years, and has been permanently disfigured by the abuse. Her injuries included a broken finger and a broken leg. The broken leg may prevent her from growing properly.

The Tylskis had previously faced criminal charges in the matter, but settled the criminal case via plea bargain. Ms. Tylski pleaded guilty and received probation; Richard Tylski’s case was handled through the Florida Department of Corrections pretrial intervention program. Tylski did admit in court two years ago that he had caused visible belt marks on the girl’s skin. You can read more details of the civil trial of Jane and Richard Tylski for child abuse at Former Jag, Wife Must Pay $1.2M In Suit.

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