Former Jacksonville, Florida Navy Sailor Receives 10 Year Prison Sentence for Exploitation of Child Online


In Jacksonville, Florida and cities throughout the country, child predators are unfortunately targeting teenagers and children for sex. Many people would be surprised by the identify and occupation of those who try to take advantage of children. In Jacksonville, Florida, a navy sailor was recently sentenced to a 10 year prison term. According to the FBI Website, Robert William Goodwin was convicted of crimes involving the use of the Internet / chat room to entice a child for sex. At the time of the commission of these crimes, Goodwin was not aware that he was actually chatting online with an undercover investigator with the Florida Attorney General – Child Predator Cyber Unit. When Goodwin arranged for a meeting, he was then arrested for these crimes. You can read more details about this case at Navy Sailor Sentenced to Prison – Used Chat Room to Entice a Minor for Sex.