Former Jacksonville (Duval County) Elementary School Student Pleads Guilty in Sex with Minor Child Case


Unfortunately, in Jacksonville (Duval County), Florida and other cities, teachers, tutors, babysitters, day care providers, and others entrusted with the supervision of a child abuse the very children under their care. The health, safety, and welfare of a child should be paramount to everything else. The Florida Times Union ( reported that a former 5th grade teacher (Kristina Hartless) recently plead guilty to having sex or unlawful contact with a minor who she was tutoring in math and who she counseled at church. See Former Jacksonville Teacher Pleads Guilty in Sex Case with Student.

Ms. Hartless will spend 13 months in Florida State Prison and then be on probation for another five years. It is amazing that a teacher, who spent years training for the job and years on the job, would abuse her position of trust in such a disturbing and criminal manner.