Former Gator Broadcaster Pleads Guilty to Criminal Child Pornography Charges


Public figures and broadcasters often times can see a career tarnished or ruined when a crime is committed. Jobs are lost and reputations are scarred. In Gainesville, Florida – home to the University of Florida, a former television and radio broadcaster pled guilty to charges of the receipt / distribution of child pornography. Steven Michael Babik, age 50, admitted to the charges that he downloaded images of child pornography.

The child pornography industry thrives only because there are consumers who buy or distribute the images. Children are victimized yet there are those out there who find it recreational to view images of children being harmed by others.

Investigators and police should continue their efforts to prosecute crimes involving any aspect of child pornography. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any near end or solution to end the ongoing abuse and neglect of child victimized by the child pornography industry and its participants. You can read more about this story at Former UF Broadcaster Pleads Guilty to Charges of Child Pornography.