Former Duval County Guidance Counsel and Former Nassau County Principal Gets Prison Sentence (140 Years) for Child Pornography


In Duval County, Florida, a criminal sentence was issued to Robert Allan Cowan. Mr. Cowan, age 50, was sentenced to a prison term of 140 years. Yes, that’s correct, a 140 year prison term. Mr Cowan was convicted in Federal Court of having child pornography on his computer and some of the photos including those that Cowan took of a 4 year old child. The Florida Times Union reported that authorities found hundreds of photos and images of child pornography on his computer. There were even videos of children being raped. There are other charges pending against Cowan.

While the acts of Cowan are heinous enough on their own, they are even worse in light of the fact that Cowan previously worked as a Duval County School District guidance counsel and as a Nassau County School District principal. It is clear that Cowan is a person that should not have been allowed near children yet he chose a career in which he was surrounded by children on a daily basis. See Prison Term Issued to Former Guidance Counsel and Principal.

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