Former Deputy Marion County Florida Sheriff (Gabriel Pizzini) Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison


In Florida and other states, police officers and deputy sheriffs have a duty to uphold the law and protect all citizens including children and teenagers. Most law enforcement officers work hard everyday to fulfill this duty to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, there are some law enforcement officers who not only break the law but also go to prison for these crimes. In Marion County (Ocala) Florida, a judge recently sentenced a former deputy sheriff, Gabriel Pizzini, to 15 years of prison for sexual misconduct. Mr. Pizzini denied the charges but a jury / judge determined differently and the judge issued the sentence. Mr. Pizzini was accused of groping a 14 year old girl and then taking a photograph of the girl with her breasts exposed. Part of Mr. Pizzini’s defense was that the girl’s friend actually took the photo and it was planted as evidence against him.

Mr. Pizzini’s prison will be followed by probation which will require Mr. Pizini to register as a sex offender. Most police officers can be trusted. It is unfortunate that all cannot be trusted. You can read more about this story at Former Marion County Deputy Sheriff Sentenced to Prison Term.