Florida Woman (Judith Leekin) Who Adopted and Abused Disabled Children Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison


In Fort Pierce, Florida / Port St. Lucie Florida, Judith Leekin lived with disabled children that she adopted in New York. Ms. Leekin appeared to be more interested in the $1 million in subsidies and welfare that she received for the children rather than the education, safety and welfare of the children. Ms. Leekin was charged with aggravated child abuse for beating and handcuffing the children in a locked room. She did not adequately provide food for the children and frequently deprived the children of medical care and education. Ms. Leekin pled no contest to to the charges and was sentenced to a 20 year prison term.

The acts of Judith Leekin were truly heinous in that she preyed on disabled children while personally pocketing government funds to take care of her own needs rather than those of the children. You can read more about this story at Florida Woman Gets Prison Term After Pleading No Contest to Charges of Aggravated Abuse of Disabled Children.