Florida Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten – How Do I Find Out More About My Child’s VPK Program?


In Florida, there is a great program called the VPK Program or the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program. This program provides free pre-kindergarten tuition to 4 year olds in the State of Florida. In every community, there are VPK programs that accept students. The State of Florida picks up the bill. Even though the VPK program is free and regulated by the government to some extent, it is still important for parents to diligently inspect and check out the facility to make sure that it is safe and a good learning environment for the child. There is a good resource on the Internet that allows parents to get some basic information regarding a VPK program. I recommend that every parent go to this site and find out more information about the VPK program. The Florida Department of Education has a VPK Provider Readiness Rate Website. Check it out.