Florida Trucker Injures Many in Polk County Crash

A negligent semi tractor truck driver injured many people when he failed to observed traffic conditions. Because he failed to stop, he ended up plowing into 9 other vehicles at the crash site which was located in Polk County, Florida on Highway 27. Tragically, two people died as a result of the accident. This crash shows the dangers of trucking accidents. While some vehicles may fare well in safety and crash testing, they are no comparison for a huge semi tractor trailers that cover our highways throughout Florida and the rest of the nation. Others were also injured in the accident.


The errant negligent of the truck driver has forever changed the lives of the families involved in this accident. When investigating the case, I will review the driver’s log and other documents to determine if there were any violations of State and Federal law as well. Commercial truck drivers are limited by law as to how long they can be behind of the wheel of a the truck. Rest breaks are mandated to help prevent accidents caused by drowsy or sleeping drivers. Whether the truck driver followed the law on driving or breaks or not, he should have been more alert as to the traffic conditions in order to give himself time and distance to safely stop his truck to avoid crashes like these. You can read more about this crash by reading 2 Killed, 8 Injured in 10 Vehicle Accident at the www.floridatoday.com, a website covering various news and public interest stories in the State of Florida.

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