Florida Trapper (Justin Matthews) Catches 14 Foot Python Snake Near Bradenton, Florida Day Care Center


UPDATE TO THIS STORY: From Hero to Zero – Snake Trapper Staged Capture Near Day Care Center. Mr. Matthews failed to inform the students, parents and others that he staged this capture. The truth only came out at a later date.

Justin Matthews is a hero to some day care students and their parents. Mr. Matthews, who is a wildlife expert, recently captured a 14 foot python snake that was spotted near a day care center. The snake was apparently big enough to kill and eat an 8 year old child according to Matthews. You can read more about this story and see a video at P Python Snake Captured Near Florida Day Care Center.

Stories like this show the importance of maintenance and safety at Florida day care centers. Whether it is a snake or a broken pipe or a playground in disrepair, a day care center has a duty to remedy the danger and provide a safe environment for children.