Florida Teen Criminal Defendant (Wayne Treacy) Denied Bond in Case of Alleged Beating of Middle School Student


In Florida elementary, middle and high schools, there are reported incidents of violence and assaults against students. In Fort Lauderdale, a middle school student (Josie Lou Ratley) was stomped on by steel toed boots and punched in a vicious beating. Wayne Treacy is accused of this crime. His case recently came before a Fort Lauderdale judge who denied bond for the teen criminal defendant. Treacy is represented by a criminal defense attorney and it is reported that Treacy plans on pleading not guilty to the charges. See Bond Denied for South Florida Teen.

Tragically, Josie Lou Ratley suffered serious personal injuries in the form of extensive brain damage as a result of the alleged beating. The incident took place at a South Florida middle school. Ideally, schools should be a haven for children to grow, learn, and socialize. Unfortunately, violent incidents take place in Florida shows that make them anything but a safe haven.