Florida Teachers Who Had Sex with Students Land in Jail


Two central Florida teachers were recently arrested for having sex with students. Cynthia Horvath, age 45, was a teacher at the Warner Christian Academy. She taught English and was a Cheer Coach. According to the investigation, Ms. Horvath had sex on a number of occasions with a 17 year old student. It appears that the sexual activities took place in Port Orange, Florida and South Daytona, Florida. Ms. Horvath was charged with illegal sexual activity with a minor. Really, what was this woman thinking? She has a college degree and was in her 40s. You would think that a woman of this age, education, and life experience would know better than to have sex with a 17 year old student from her school. Teachers Arrested in Separate Sex Scandals in Central Florida.

The Warner Christian Academy has been around for 38 years. It shows that even a well established school is not immune from such scandals. It appears that background checks were done prior to Ms. Horvath’s employment.

A Lake County, Florida (Eustis High School) English teacher was arrested recently as well. Laura Pace, age 38, was charged with 5 counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. Two teens have come forward and reported that sexual encounters with Ms. Pace.

Yes, criminal defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. I suspect that there is a substantial amount of evidence against each teacher. While the testimony of the victim is vital evidence, other important evidence may be text messages, e mails, letters, hotel receipts, dinner receipts, photographs, and videotapes from public or even private places showing contact and a relationship with the minor.

Law enforcement officers are treating good looking female teachers who have sex with students that same way as middle age balding male teacher who has sex with a young female student. That is called equal rights and treatment under the law. If these female teachers had sex with the students, it showed poor judgment and exhibited definite child abuse that is and should be punishable under the law. A teacher, with a college education, training, and knowledge of the laws and policies for the schools, should know better.