Florida Student Stabbed (Juan Carlos Rivera) to Death at Coral Gables (Miami) Florida High School


In South Florida, the school year has commenced with violence and the death of a 17 year old student (Juan Carlos Rivera). Information and details are general so far in news report as to why and how this fight or attack took place. The Associated Press has reported that one student stabbed another student in the courtyard of Coral Gables High School. Many questions and issues come to mind regarding incidents of this nature:

Did the student who attacked Juan Carlos Rivera have a history of violence?

Was there any time or notice for school officials to act to prevent this violence?

What supervision if any was present in the area of the attack?

What was the weapon used? How was the weapon brought into the school?

Did the attack take place during a break or during a scheduled class?

Who witnessed the attack?

It is quite unfortunate for Juan Carlos Rivera, his family, the school and the community that a life was lost to violence. Apparently, the alleged attacker was taken into custody but no further details regarding the attacker were released. You can read more about this story at Fight at Coral Gables High School Leads to Death of 17 Year Old Student.

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