Florida Still Having Problems Passing Booster Seat Law: Safety of Children Should Be More of a Priority


Florida is just one of 3 states in the nation that does not have a booster seat law for children. All but 3 states have such a law in place. The booster seat law addresses the safety needs of children typically between the ages of 4 and 7 years old. Child safety advocates in Jacksonville, Florida and the rest of the nation would like to see Florida join the great majority of the states and implement a booster seat law. For mainly political reasons, Florida’s booster seat bill has stalled on prior occasions. According to a recent article posted in the Florida Times Union, it does not appear at this time that a booster seat law will be implemented or passed for the 2011 legislative session either. See Chances of Booster Seat Law Passing Appear Slim in Florida. Whether there is a law in place or not, parents, babysitters, day care providers, summer camps, and schools should consider the use of booster seats when transporting children. Good safety is good safety with or without the Florida legislation to enforce it. The use of booster seat can help prevent personal injuries to children or at least reduce the extent of injuries when there is an automobile accident.

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