Florida Special Needs Programs in Danger of Having More Funds Cut


The State of Florida is having a serious revenue problem again this year. In 2009, the State of Florida cut billions of dollars to try to make ends meet, and may have to cut a billion more for 2010, even though the 2009 cuts were considered to be “down to the bone.” Social services officials and volunteers are begging the legislature not to cut even more of their funding for 2010.

In Bartow (Polk County, Florida), representatives from juvenile crime prevention agencies and groups that work with special needs children, the ill, the poor, and the educationally disadvantaged appeared before the Polk County delegation to ask for no budget cuts. They argued that they need the money more than ever in order to help those in need. They told stories of children and teens they had helped have better lives, of drug addicts and delinquents helped by their programs, and talked of the difficulty of struggling under growing caseloads with dwindling funds. They are likely to be unsuccessful in their attempts to keep their budgets intact.

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