Florida Sex Offender’s Bond is Revoked – Sex Offender Faces 43 Year Prison Sentence

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The bond of a convicted sex offender was recently revoked by a Broward County (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) Circuit Court Judge. Aaron Mohanlal, a former Florida teacher, had been out of jail / prison for one year while avoiding a 43-year prison sentence. Mohanlal was free pending an appeal of the conviction. Monhanlal was previously convicted of 13 counts including child abuse, molestation, and lewd battery. Monhanlal forced a student to have sex with him in a closet at school and at Mohanlal's home. Mohanlal had secured the bond with some property owned by his family. As it turned out, the property was heavily mortgaged and not workth very much money.

Teachers, counselors, day care workers, medical provides, pastors, church workers, and volunteers are charged with the responsibility of watching, supervising, and protecting our children NOT raping, molesting, and abusing them. Mohanlal should not be free at this time but should begin a long prison sentence. Due to Mohanlal's actions, he is at risk for harm by other prisoners in the prison system. Mohanlal should get no pity – he should only get punishment at this time.

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