Florida Schools: Bullying Continues to Pose a Problem

Bullying is an ongoing and serious problem in Florida schools. What is bullying? Well, it can range from subtle verbal slights to full on physical encounters between students. Surveys have tried to capture statistics regarding bullying. One such survey reports that approximately 10 percent of children survey stated that they had been hit or in a fight. Over 50 % of child surveyed reported being teased or called names.

School can be a wonderful experience for a child . . . then again, it can (at times) be a horrible experience as well. Teachers, administrators, and parents should watch out for any acts of bullying no matter how slight. It is important to teach children (both the aggressor and the victim) about the evils of bullying.

If a child is a victim of a bully in school or otherwise, the parent or supervising adult (teacher, day care worker, administrator, etc. ) may be held liable for the injuries caused to the child. Did the adult know about the propensities of the bully? What kind of supervision was in place?

When dealing with bullying, it is difficult for the parent of the victim. Do I report the incident? Should I go to the principal? Should I call the parent? Each situation is unique and must be approached with care and good decision on behalf of the parent.
You can read more about bullying the the survey results at Bullying Continues to Pose Problems in Schools.

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