Florida School Officials Consider Use or Ban of Restraints – Disabled Chid Advocates Recommend Ban


In Florida and other states, there has been a debate for years of the use or the ban of restraints. Some school official would like the option of restraining a disruptive child including those with ADHD, Autism, and other disabilities. Many parents and advocates for disabled children recommend the ban of such restraints. The improper and / or excessive use of restraints on children including disabled children can cause serious physical personal injuries and, in some cases, wrongful death. Whether or not a child suffers personal injuries, there is typically emotional / psychological injuries that result from the restraint of a child. The Associates Press and the Florida Times Union recently reported on the debated use or ban on restraints. It is important for children including autistic children to be taught in a safe environment by teachers and aides trained to educate and mentor these children. In my opinion, the hazards and abuses of restraints far outweigh any so called benefits or protections resulting from their use.