Florida School for Boys at Marianna Florida – Memories of Horrors and Abuse that Last a Lifetime


In Florida and other States, adults are living with the memories and nightmares of child abuse, neglect, and exploitation well into their golden years. At the Florida School for Boys in Marianna, an investigation is under way for a pattern of suspected abuse and neglect that took place decades ago. Several former students who are now in their 60s have come forward to report abuse, neglect, and deaths that took place at what appears to be a nice and safe place for children. As the old saying goes, appearances can be quite deceiving. Within the confines of the Florida School for Boys in Marianna, there is a cemetery. Children should not be buried at a group home, reform school, orphanage, or other institution. These schools should be centers for learning, safety, good will, and compassion for children – not death.

Even Governor Charlies Crist and other State officials have stepped in to oversee the investigation as to the grave sites, causes of death, and reported abuse and neglect at this facility.

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