Florida School District and School Board Home Pages – Responsibilities of School Districts and Rights of Students


Florida School Districts / School Boards have home pages on the internet. When you have a problem with a School District / School Board, it is helpful to read through the School District / School Board site and the School Board Rules. The Florida Department of Education has a Public Schools / District Home Page that has a listing for each county / district / school board in the State of Florida.

Administrators and School Board should be familiar with the rules / regulations and these rules / regulations should be followed the the school, administrators, teachers, and the district. Many disputes can be handled with a simple telephone call or conference with the teacher, administrator, or principal. Some disputes, problems, and issues require more formal action and consideration. These include issues dealing with Special Education, IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), and IEP (Individualized Education Plans). As parents, we should educate ourselves as to the the local, State, and Federal rules / regulations to the best of our ability. Parents should serve as the child’s advocate in a positive way as should the local school, teachers, administrators, principals, and the district. Before contacting teacher, administrator, principal, or school board, think through the problem. Educate yourself on the local school and school board rules and regulations. If necessary, contact a Special Education lawyer to consider your child’s legal rights within the school system and the school’s legal responsibilities.