Jacksonville Florida Road Rage Can Get You Shot

A road rage incident occurred recently in Jacksonville, Florida. Christopher William Potocki, 24, of Clay County, Florida was arrested late Saturday, hours after the shooting on the Westside area of Jacksonville. Police said Nathaniel Harrison, 23, and William M. Perry, 22, suffered serious injuries after being shot Saturday afternoon. One witness reported that the Mustang driven by Potocki cut off the other vehicle driven by Harrison. Both vehicles pulled next to each other where words were exchanged and then bullets were fired by Potocki. The shots caused the vehicle driven by Harrison to collide with a third vehicle. Unfortunately, injuries and an crash resulted from aggressive driving and road rage. Since we do not know the personalities and habits of those who drive around us, it is best not to confront the aggressive driver. You can read more about this road rage story at the Florida Times Union Web site at Law & Disorder – Man Arrested in Road Rage Shooting.

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