Florida Pool Alarms Can Save Lives – Free Alarms Provided in Some Florida Counties by Florida Department of Health


In Tampa, Florida, government agencies and pool owners are coming together to try and reduce the amount child drowning’s that occur each year in Florida. As part of its Waterproof Florida initiative, the Florida Department of Health is giving away free pool door alarms to pool owners with children in eight counties that had the highest rates of child drowning’s. The alarms attach to windows and doors leading to the pool area and can only be turned off manually. The best part about these alarms is that they are inexpensive, costing people only $30 to have them installed.

Having preventive devices like the pool door alarm is very important for homeowners with swimming pools in the State of Florida. In 2010, Florida led the nation in drowning deaths for children ages 1-4. In fact, Florida loses the equivalent of four classrooms full of pre-K children each year to drowning. The FDOH is hoping that these alarms, along with other measures, can help fix this escalating problem.

FDOH also encourages people to focus on swimming pool supervision and what to do in case of an emergency (CPR). Another way that people are taking an initiative is by enrolling their children in swim classes. At the Seal Swim School in Tampa, children as young as 16-months old are already learning how to swim and what to do, should they fall into the swimming pool.

For more on Swimming Pool Safety and Pool Alarms, see Florida DOH offers free pool alarms for some Tampa Bay counties.

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