Florida Pediatric / Child Head Trauma Can Lead to Death

Trauma is the number one cause of death in children older than 1 year in the United States.


Head trauma represents more than 80 % of these death related injuries. In Florida, children are injured every day in automobile accidents, slip and falls, playground injuries, school injuries, sports injuries, and bicycle accidents. The anatomical differences in the development and size of a child’s brain make it more susceptible to brain injury than an adult. You can read more about the pediatric / child brain injuries at the E Medicine / Web M.D. Web Site – Head Trauma.

It is important to have a pediatric specialist evaluate and treat the child when possible. Many emergency rooms have such specialists but some do not. If you cannot see a pediatric specialist at the ER, you may want to schedule a follow up at the local children’s hospital for a more in depth evaluation.

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