Florida Parents: Tips for Checking Out Florida Child Care Centers


As a parent, it is important to thoroughly check out any child care center where you will be leaving your child. In Florida, the Department of Children and Families childcare licensing staff must inspect and license childcare centers in sixty one out of Florida’s sixty seven counties. Daycare inspection reports are available by visiting the Florida Department of Children and Families’ special website at: www.myflorida.com/childcare. On the website’s “provider search” page you can search by the provider’s name, by the county or even the zip code.

But checking into the center’s licensing status is only the first step. Making a visit to the center is important too. Parents should also keep in mind that religiously affiliated childcare centers may claim religious exemption from licensing. In these cases it is especially important for parents to visit and inspect the center for themselves before leaving their children there.

When checking out childcare center, keep the following tips in mind:

• Check the facility for cleanliness and ensure that there are no hazardous chemicals in reach of children
• Check the bathroom for cleanliness and appropriate paper goods
• Do the children seem happy and well-cared for?
• Do you feel comfortable in the environment?

Checking into the daycare center where your children will be cared for is a smart move that can help protect your children and give you better peace of mind. Get more tips at Web site helps public check on daycare compliance.

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