Florida Missing Child Alert System Used to Help Locate Missing New Hampshire Girl


The “A Child is Missing” alert system, based in Florida, can be used by authorities to help find missing children quickly. Once police activate the system, hundreds or even thousands of residents in the nearby area will receive automated phone calls asking them to help find the child.

When Lindsey Young of Manchester, New Hampshire left her home on a Sunday evening and was not heard from again, police launched an extensive search for the girl. They visited her friends’ homes and other locations the girl frequented. When police were unable to find Lindsey, they activated the “A Child is Missing” system, which sent recorded messages by telephone to hundreds of residents living in the vicinity of her home. The recorded message provided information about Lindsey and her appearance, in the hope that someone might have seen or talked to her.

While it appears that Lindsey ran away from home, police are still worried for her safety due to the harsh winter weather and the length of time she has been missing. Anyone with information about Lindsey should call the Manchester police immediately at 603-668-8711.

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