Florida McDonald’s Halts Advertising in Seminole County Florida Schools

Florida McDonald’s promoted its company on report card jackets at Seminole County Florida Schools. The promotion offered a Happy Meal to any child who brought home good grades. A parent complained and an organization called the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood got involved in the matter. McDonald’s decided to halt this advertising campaign at the Seminole County Florida Schools. You can read more details and comments about this story at Florida McDonald’s Halts Advertising to Seminole County Florida Schools.

In the St. Johns County Florida School System, I have seen businesses promoted at the school. There are school board policies for advertising and promoting businesses. Some schools follow the policy better than others. Each county school board has its own policies and procedures. St. Johns County School Board Rules Manual is an example of policies and procedures in place for a school system. Most, if not all, other county school boards in Florida also have policies in place that can be viewed online. Do a Google search and locate the policies for your county.

I have read the policies and procedures for my children’s school district. My review of these policies and procedures was very helpful in answering some questions I had about the school system and how things should be done.

If you believe that a school is violating a policy, you should first educate yourself and read the school board policies to see if the school has complied with the policies.

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